Xpert-Soft: 25 years of innovative software solutions for surveyors and experts in other industries

The company was formed in 1987 by Elmar Fuchs.

Customers with us from the very earliest days include firms of surveyors and loss adjusters.

Since formation, the software solutions we have developed are characterised by a high degree of innovation. Often, the new ideas Xpert-Soft brought to market were well ahead of their time. Back in 1998, for example, we had already introduced a photo documentation package using digital photos.

Thanks to our continuous and close collaboration with our customers, many ideas have been picked up on and implemented as part of our development work.

The third generation of the Xpert surveyor package has been available since 2013. Thanks to its modular structure and highly flexible configuration options, Xpert3 is the perfect software solution for surveyors and experts working in any industry.

Our philosophy is to create a software package that enables the simplification of working processes, thereby giving its users the chance to focus on what’s really important.

Other sectors whose documentation work involves photos and text have now found our package fits the bill for their field of work.