Contact management and CRM for surveyors and other experts.
Work with all of your contact addresses in a central space.

Xpert3 simultaneously stores the addresses in the case and in the master address file.

The Address module

For surveyors and other experts, addresses make up a key element of work with the case.

During daily communication with the involved parties, the addresses are displayed using an easy-to-read business card view.

A more detailed editing view presents all of the information about the contact on a single page.

Each case can contain as many address records as needed, containing the relevant contact persons. The addresses are assigned roles (client, legal representative, renovator, caretaker, claimant, survey location). These roles are used for informative purposes, while also helping to automate many workflows.

All of the addresses entered are stored within a master address file.

During a full-text search, addresses are shown in real-time if they match the search term being entered.

The Telephony(1) module enables the direct calling of phone numbers (TAPI / CTI) from within the address record.

All changes to an address record are logged and these changes can later be viewed in the History.

The system takes especial care to recognise duplicate addresses. Warning messages and suggestions help users to avoid duplicate records during data entry.

If the Xpert-Survey(1) module is activated, then the address is located on the map, and the optimum route from your location is calculated and shown.

The layout of the address record is dynamic and is quickly modified to suit individual requirements: it takes only minutes to add fields, hide region or arrange the entire layout differently.

Feature overview

  • Duplicate checking
  • Managing addresses as: individuals / companies / individuals at companies
  • Address version management
  • Change history
  • Choice of views: business card / editing view
  • Full-text search
  • Address location on the map, route planning
  • Dynamic address file layout

(1) An optional module. Not included in the function set provided by the Xpert Address module.