Integrated email functionality

When creating emails, the user is offered a choice of email addresses from all involved persons Multiple subject lines with the reference numbers are offered for selection. Documents and photos can be selected simply and directly from the case for adding as an attachment. Every email sent is stored automatically in the case.

Xpert3 email sending

When reading emails, these can simply be assigned to the case with a single mouse-click.

An Outlook mailbox is limited to a size of about 2 GB. However, Xpert3 offers long-term email storage with direct case linking even if storage requirements are in the terabyte range. This enables the creation of an email archive that satisfies the requirements for archiving business correspondence.

All emails are grouped automatically by "outgoing" and "incoming". In addition, automatic groups are configured by using the email addresses of the recipient and the sender.

Xpert3 encrypted und signed email

Secure email communication with a digital signature. A digitally signed email proves to the recipient that the message actually originates from the sender and that the content has not been modified. A digital certificate file is necessary for this purpose. This certificate is also used for encryption of email messages. Encryption of email messages is an indispensable security measure if sensitive patient data is being sent or to prevent industrial espionage. With Xpert3, signing and encrypting emails is really easy! You can find instructions for downloading and installing the free certificate in the Xpert3 administration manual.

Every email is stored so as to ensure it can be found by searching for any of its keywords. With the full-text search, emails are displayed in real-time as they match the search terms being entered.This ensures users rapidly find the email they want even in large quantities of emails (> 1,000).

Feature overview

  • Simultaneous import of up to 4 email accounts in parallel
  • Long-term archiving of email within the case
  • User-configured tags/groups, plus automated grouping by email address
  • Full-text search
  • Support for emails in MIME format
  • IMAP, POP, SMTP and Exchange protocols
  • Automated and manual assignment of emails to the claim
  • Direct import of attachments into the claim
  • Support for mails with ZIP archives
  • Blacklist – for blocking email addresses from the wrong recipient
  • Creation of predefined subject lines and messages
  • Email signature definition