The modular structure of Xpert3 gives you a low-cost way of acquiring the software solution you need.

The Xpert3 system is unique.

Every company is different. Put together your own, tailor-made system and configure it to match your expectations.

  • The structure of your company is shown, with offices and employees
  • Structured filing of claims by
    • Office and employee
    • Claim/case status
  • Lightning-fast full-text search through all claims
  • Full-text search by elements within the claim
  • Configurable terminology
  • Network-ready
  • Permissions management
  • Multilingual


  • Responsive editing of photos at very high resolutions
  • Zooming and cropping of parts of photos
  • User-friendly viewing and sorting of hundreds of photos with Sort-by-Click
  • Markup using 3D arrows and freehand arrow drawing
  • Lines and dimensions
  • Image tagging and grouping
  • Parsing of EXIF data
  • Photo captioning
  • Storage-friendly archiving
  • Original image always preserved unchanged
  • Exporting photo documentation as a PDF file at a range of quality levels
Xpert Photo Module

Email Module

Adressen Module

  • Master address file with comprehensive searching
  • Business card view
  • Assignment of addresses to a claim
  • Grouping of addresses by company or company group
  • User-defined dynamic fields
Xpert Address Module