Plan visits in a summary which contains everything you need for efficient appointment planning.

Optimise appointments and journeys.

Record costs for billing.

Easy visit planning and optimisation

In the map view, the place of the visit is shown on the map with the distance in km and travel time to the office calculated.

Dates of visits are automatically added to your diary.

In the planning view, all appointments are clearly presented. This gives you an overview of employees and their assignments. Good planning means that bottlenecks can be avoided and journeys optimised.

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The holiday planner provides an overview of the availability of your employees.

The diary shows national public holidays. These can be imported annually as a file.

Personal appointments from Outlook can also be displayed in the diary.

In the summary view, categories are assigned to dates entered:

  • Visit (created automatically)
  • Working in the office
  • Holiday
  • Public holiday (created automatically)
  • Absence due to sickness
  • Free option

These various categories will be highlighted in different colours.

The alarm and reminder function enables you to receive a reminder of an appointment in good time.

With a single mouse click, an email can be created with an invitation to a meeting and sent directly to those attending.

The costs entered for return travel and time spent on the visit are automatically added to the bill.

The "visits" module is the perfect add-on for the module

  • Addresses
  • Email
  • Time spent
  • Costs incurred/creation of invoice

Summary of functions

  • Planning visit appointments
  • Entering travelling times and visit times for subsequent billing
  • Holiday planner / staff scheduling
  • Various views: monthly summary, weekly summary, daily summary, several days
  • Filters by office and employees
  • Locations of visits displayed on a map with route planning
  • Repeat appointments
  • Import public holidays
  • Import Outlook diary into the personal view
  • Export visit dates to Outlook
  • Reminder function
  • Planned and agreed appointments shown
  • Print function
  • Save personal settings for each view